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Telecoms Infrastructure

The company has been at the forefront of fibre optic cable infrastructure throughout Ireland and in the United Kingdom. This has involved the company in route planning, network design, licensing, permitting, consents and wayleave agreements. The company’s engineering expertise enables it to deal with road, rail, river and canal crossings and other Special Engineering Difficulties (SED’s) by way of proven techniques and innovative solutions.

  • Feasibility & Route Studies
  • Licences, Permits & Authorisations.
  • Wayleave Acquisition.
  • Telecoms Network Design.
  • Contract Administration.
  • Subsea Cables

Subsea Cables

The company has been involved in all aspects of subsea fibre-optic cables from desk studies to project planning, permitting, licences, consents, approvals, management of marine survey contracts, subsea route design, landfall design, and preparation / administration of cable installation contracts. The company has been involved in sub-sea cables in the North Channel, the Irish Sea, St. Georges Channel, the Celtic Sea, the Western Approaches, the English Channel and the North Sea.

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Route Survey Design
  • Landfall Assessment
  • Licences, Permits & Authorisations
  • Engineering Design
  • Contract Administration

Energy & Pipelines

The company has been involved in high pressure gas transmission pipelines ranging from the 18"Ø Cork – Dublin Pipeline (220km), Gas Interconnector 1 – a 205km 143-bar subsea pipeline from Scotland to Ireland / 80km of 30" pipeline in Scotland / Compressor Station / and a Shore Station, the planning and design of twin 42"Ø pipelines to the National Transmission System in North West UK and the planning of a 100km subsea pipeline from Anglesea to Fleetwood in the UK. The company has also undertaken various studies relating to Landfall selection, strategic route planning and feasibility studies.

  • Project Planning
  • Site Investigation
  • Licences, Permits & Authorisations
  • Pipeline & Cable Route Design
  • Special Engineering Difficulties
  • Installations
  • Project Management


The company has been involved in studies relating to the identification and assessment of landfalls all around the Irish coast, in Devon / Cornwall in the south of England, along the south coast of Wales, from Anglesey to Chester in north Wales, on the Lancashire coast, along the Solway coast in the south of Scotland, in the Isle of Man and in Guernsey. The company has a keen awareness of marine conditions, marine archaeology and environmental aspects and has particular experience in the licensing and permitting requirements of the Foreshore Unit (Ireland), the Marine Consent Unit (UK) and the Crown Estate (UK).

  • Desk Studys
  • Subsea & Onshore Surveys
  • Landfall Engineering
  • Licences, Permits & Authorisations
  • Wayleave Acquisition
  • Local Authority Liaison
  • Project Management

Traffic Impact Assesment

The company has specific expertise and experience in undertaking traffic imact assessments for major industrial and commercial projects and for sensitive developments in urban areas. The range of expertise combines the company’s experience in the planning and design of major projects with corresponding experience in transportation and the design of roads. These features provide a high level of reliability in generation of traffic flows, distribution of traffic flows, road and junction capacities and road features.

  • Traffic Impact Assesment Projects

Civl Works

The company has extensive experience in civil works. This ranges from major excavations, embankment design, piling for bridges and building foundations, auger boring and thrust boring, horizontal directional drilling and various initiatives for overcoming special engineering difficulties (SED’s) in telecoms infrastructure and pipelining.

  • Project Planning
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Engineering Design
  • Land Acquisition
  • Health & Safety
  • Contract Administration

Roads & Bridges

The personnel in the company have long-standing experience in the design of roads and bridges. This experience ranges from minor to major roads and from single to multi-span bridges over roads, rivers, railways and canals. The company has also been involved in the inspection of bridges which have been damaged or are showing signs of distress and has successfully designed remedial and restorative works. In terms of roads the company’s experience rages from the planning and design of new roads to corresponding work relating to road safety and improvement works at accident “black spots" and at critical junctions.

  • Scoping Reports
  • Route Selection
  • Land Acquisition
  • Part 8 Planning
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Road/Bridge/Junction Design
  • Health & Safety
  • Contract Administration


The personnel in the company have specific expertise and long-standing experience in transportation and traffic studies. This experience covers planning and design from regional to local level taking account of land-use planning, origin-destination studies, junction counts, speed and delay studies and parking studies. The company assesses each project in relation to its objectives and requirements and tailors the approach to meet these in the most effective manner.

  • Traffic & Parking Surveys
  • Junction Improvements
  • Traffic Planning Reports
  • Traffic Management Reports
  • Traffic Calming
  • Cycle & Pedestrian Routes