About Us

About us

MDM was established in 1990 by Tom McMahon Snr. in Dublin, Ireland. In 2005 Tom McMahon Jnr. took over as Managing Director with Jim McMahon as Director of Projects.

Over the years the company has become the leading Irish engineering and project management company in the field of subsea telecoms infrastructure while retaining activities in traditional civil engineering and advancing into emerging fields and markets.

The company prides itself on its track record and a dynamic, client-centred approach combined with innovative thinking and a solution-based philosophy.

MDM’s experience includes many of the subsea telecoms cable installations connecting Ireland to the UK and the US, as well as the Scylla system connecting the UK to the Netherlands and the IRIS system connecting Iceland to Ireland. MDM are currently working on the PISCES cable system which is planned to connect Ireland to France, Spain and Portugal and has received support from the EU. The company are also working on numerous other projects and are always open to new opportunities and challenges.

The MDM leadership are highly experienced with unsurpassed local knowledge and success in their field. The team is dynamic with the ability to move quickly and focussed on delivering successful projects. The teams experience covers the entire project cycle with a dedicated project management team.